About us

About us

Love and Hope, Amor y Esperanza in Spanish, and Amour et Espoir in French, is an International Non-Profit Organization (NPO) that is in charge of supporting and representing the Coptic Orthodox Churches under the auspices of His Grace Bishop Youssef of Bolivia.

At this time, we are currently present and active in 3 different countries: Canada, USA and Bolivia.

Love and Hope is incorporated as a non-profit organization and registered as a tax-exempt charity with the Canadian Revenue Agency in Canada and as a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity in the United States of America.

What we do?


The Church of Bolivia not only provides spiritual nourishment, but physical nourishment as well. The bakery operates within the church gates and serves as a source of income for members of the congregation who work there. The church bakers begin their workday at 7am; they prepare the dough, and bake traditional Bolivian pastries which are sold to the public throughout the day.

Day Care

St. Anba Abraam Guarderia is a daycare center located very close to the church. The children learn letters, numbers, and how to become good citizens of their world. The daycare is run by Señora Miriam, a Bolivian woman who received her degree in the United States.

Medical Center

The Pope Shenouda III Medical Center is a full medical center open to the community. Medical, dental, pharmaceutical, and naturopathic services are offered at low cost to all who enter.

Computer Lab

Computer classes are offered to both youth and adults on a weekly basis. The computers may also be utilized by servants to assist in preparing activities for the church.


A quiet place to study, read or hold a Bible study, the library houses a collection of both spiritual and reference books in Spanish, English and French.

Home Visits

Visitations are an important part of the service at the church. It provides us the opportunity to visit children, get to know more about their family life and to encourage the kids to continue what they’ve learned in the church in their daily lives.

Kids Birthdays

Every so often, the church celebrates all of the birthdays of the children. We celebrate the birthdays with refreshments, games, and even small gifts.

Saturday Morning Activity Days

Every Saturday Morning, elementary school children gather at the church for a spiritual day. The day begins with prayers and a short lesson, followed by an activity related to the lesson for the younger children. The day concludes with sports at the park located very close to the church.

St. Verena Health Workers

The church provides a community health project called St. Verena Health Workers. Volunteers go out into the community to promote health awareness and wellness. The main issue they focus on is diabetes in the community. Through periodic house visitations and check-ups, they work to improve the outlook for many people in the community.

Housing for the poor

The church is committed to improving the socio-economic condition of its parishioners. To this end, the church began building homes for impoverished families to ensure that they live in dignified conditions. At the present, 6 homes have been completed. More housing projects are planned for future completion.

The land in Valle Sanchez

The church acquired a large plot of land in Valle Sanchez. The housing project mentioned above is located on this land; however, future use of this land includes the building of a new church and the creation of a Coptic village. This land will also serve as a recreational area for congregation members to enjoy as well as a place for spiritual retreats.